Address the Critical Issues

BeaconView’s Investment Banking service enables companies and their shareholders to address the critical issues associated with growing, financing and ultimately generating liquidity from their businesses.

  • What’s my company worth and how can I maximize its value?
  • It’s time to sell my company and retire, what’s the best way to do that?
  • Can I sell part of my business and continue to run the company?
  • How can we structure a transaction between shareholders?
  • We want to grow through acquisitions, how do we do that?
  • We need to refinance our bank debt, is now a good time?
  • How can we raise more capital to support our growth plans?

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Sell-side: Selling a company to a strategic or financial buyer
  • Buy-side: Acquiring a business to support growth and expansion
  • Private equity recapitalizations: Selling a majority or minority interest to a Private Equity firm
  • Management buyouts: Selling all or a controlling interest of the company to management
  • Leveraged recapitalizations: Using financing to generate liquidly for all or selective shareholders
  • ESOP transactions: Selling all or a portion of the company to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Capital Advisory

Our Capital Advisory services help companies arrange optimal capital structures to support growth, shareholder liquidity, and acquisition objectives.  Types of capital include:

  • Senior debt
  • Subordinated debt
  • Private equity
  • Acquisition financing