Exceed Your Own Expectations

As they grow, companies have a variety of needs to take them from one level to the next or address a specific challenge or opportunity.  BeaconView helps companies:


Plan effectively

A successful outcome is the result of hard work and an effective plan.  In fact, a well-developed plan can mean the difference between success and failure.  In each of its disciplines, BeaconView works with companies to develop plans in a variety of areas including strategies for growth, financing feasibility, tax optimization, shareholder value enhancement and liquidity, commercial litigation, and estate planning matters.



All companies have a common goal – a desire to grow and expand their business.  Growth can come from a variety of sources.  Our Investment Banking Group helps companies grow by evaluating the feasibility of new products/services and customers.  We also help identify acquisitions as well as arrange financing for working capital, new plant & equipment and business acquisitions.


Buy companies

Acquiring companies is an excellent way to grow existing business lines, expand into new products/services, and enter new markets and geographies.  However, identifying, valuing, structuring and closing transactions can be challenging.  Our Investment Banking Group helps companies address all elements of the acquisition process from target identification to financing to closing.  Our Valuation/Litigation Group can also perform purchase price allocations.  BeaconView can even help with post-acquisition integration.


Access capital

Captial is the life blood for any growing business.  Rather than creating cash, growth consumes it.  Regardless of where they are in the business life cycle, all companies are concerned with whether they have enough capital (and at the right cost) to help them continue to grow.  Our Investment Banking Group helps companies refinance their existing debt as well as access new capital to support growth, expansion and acquisitions.  We also help clients arrange capital to meet shareholder liquidity objectives.


Sell companies

Business owners can spend their entire careers growing and building a successful company.  Ultimately selling all or part of the company to generate cash liquidity can me one of the most important decisions they’ll ever make.  Also, differing goals and objectives involving retirement, employees, and the legacy of the company (among others) can make the decision more complex.  Our Investment Banking Group works with clients across the whole range of shareholder liquidity options including selling 100% of the company, a private equity partial sale (or recapitalizatioin), a management buyout, a leveraged buyout and ESOP transactions.


Improve operations

Continuous improvement is critical to the success of any business.  Whether it’s the plant-floor or administrative functions, improving operations is one of the best ways to enhance profitability and ultimately increase shareholder value.  Our Corporate Advisory Services Group helps companies not only identify areas for improvement, we also help clients implement those strategies to drive results.


In litigation

No one likes to become embroiled in commercial litigation.  The reality is that if you’re in business, it’s going to happen.  Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, you want to prevail in your litigation and ensure that you are appropriately compensated for your damages.  Our Valuation & Litigation Advisory practice performs economic damage analysis and provides expert testimony to help you pursue optimal outcomes in litigation.


Deal with financial distress

As much as they try to avoid it, companies sometimes get in trouble.  Through operational issues, over-leverage or just plain bad luck, the signs of financial distress are clear – a lack of cash, no borrowing capacity, missed payments, bank default.  A company in distress creates implications for all stakeholders, including the debtor, creditors, lenders, employees, management, shareholders and key customers. Our Restructuring & Performance Improvement professionals work with all the stakeholders both inside and outside of bankruptcy to address critical issues and protect their interests.